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How Many Roses Should I Give to My Lady?

22 Jan , 2017  

Giving flowers, especially roses to convey messages dear to the heart has been a tradition established over several centuries.

Different numbers of stems of roses represent different messages of love. And due to cultural differences, the appropriate number of flowers to give varies from countries to countries. For instance, in Russia, don’t give a floral gift in even numbers as they are only brought to funerals or memorials to honor the dead. On the other hand, giving a dozen flowers in the United States is deemed appropriate and customary.

So if you plan on getting your lady a gift bouquet, be careful how many roses you give as it carries a hidden message that you may not know. The following is a comprehensive guide to roses interpretation:

Number of RosesMeaning
1 stalkGiven on the first date: I love you at the first sight.
Given in years to come: I am still in love with you.
2 stalksI am deeply in love with you.
3 stalksI love you.
4 stalksNothing can do us apart.
5 stalksI love/admire you very much.
6 stalksI want to be yours, I miss you.
7 stalksI am infatuated with you.
8 stalksI am grateful for your care and support.
9 stalksEternal love. We will always be together as long as we live.
10 stalksYou are perfect to me.
11 stalksYou are my treasured one.
12 stalksPlease be mine/ my sweetheart.
13 stalksI am your secret admirer.
15 stalksI am truly sorry, please forgive me.
16 stalksGoodbye, love.
17 stalksYou are my only wife.
19 stalksI will always be waiting for you no matter how long will it takes.
20 stalksPlease believe me, I am very sincere towards you.
21 stalksI am committed to you.
24 stalksYou are always on my mind.
25 stalksI am wishing you happiness.
27 stalksI love you, my dearest wife.
30 stalksIt is fate that I met you.
33 stalksI am saying "I Love You" with emphasis.
36 stalksI will cherish/remember our romantic moments.
37 stalksI am saying "I Love You" from the heart.
40 stalksGenuine love.
44 stalksTill death do us part, I will always be by your side.
47 stalksYou are my only love.
50 stalksI never once regret of our love.
51 stalksYou are the only one on my mind.
66 stalksNothing is going to change my love for you.
77 stalksI believe that it is my fate to meet you.
88 stalksI am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart, please accept my apology.
99 stalksI will love you till the day I die.
100 stalksI will always be devoted to you.
101 stalksYou are my only love.
108 stalksWould you please marry me?
365 stalksI love you each and every day of my life.
999 stalksYou are my eternal love and it will last till the end of time.
1001 stalksMy love to you is forever and ever.

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