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5 Gift Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

5 Feb , 2017  

Do you miss someone so much that you just want to wrap yourself inside your blanket and pretend that your significant other is just right next to you? You cannot hold their hands, sleep in their arms, feel their breath, or even spend a minute physically with them, because you are in a long distance relationship.

Those expensive plane tickets, unreliable internet connections, long wait between visits, added with all the skeptics around you on your relationship made your struggle even more overwhelming.

Celebrating love while being apart may be difficult, but it should not be neglected. Even though you cannot express your love and affection in person, gift can be used as the medium to convey your feeling, thought and love. Receiving a surprise gift from someone special miles apart and making the effort to get something for you, it feels good knowing that you have crossed their minds – you feel loved.

But deciding on the right gift may not always be an easy task. One thing that you should ask before deciding on a particular gift is, “What gift would make my partner excited?” Think about what you want them to feel when they get your gifts.

To get you started, here is a list of 5 gift ideas to spice up your long distance relationship!

#1 Gift That Reminds Them of You

These days, it is very easy to add personal pictures, messages or symbols into almost anything! Personalized stuff with your own photo on it, or stuffed toys that resemble you is a cute and adorable gift for your significant other.

Stuffed toys can be hilarious and goofy, which can trigger laughter every time your significant other looks at it! For instance, my friend called his girlfriend SpongeBob because she giggles like SpongeBob and has a square face. When he received SpongeBob stuffed toys as long distance gifts, he can’t help but smile as it always reminds him of his girlfriend. These gifts make him feel like she is right there with him.

Alternatively, stuffed pillow with picture of you saying, “Never give up! I’ll always be here!” can be a source of energy for your significant other in their difficult times.

#2 Couple Goodies

Long distance relationship means you have limited opportunity to meet and do things physically together. Instead of being envious with couples who do not need to bear these miles, compensate it with a special couple gift not only for your partner, but also for yourself — this struggle is experienced by both of you, not just one party.

Wearing couple tees with words “He’s Mine/She’s Mine” may deemed too cheesy for some, but there are tons of cool couple stuffs that is less showy. Choose couple gadgets, accessories, housewares or apparels that you can use every day. Couple gifts that come in pairs and connected by design are great (and also cute!) to remind both of you that no matter what the distance is, you have someone that loves you unconditionally.

How much fun is it knowing you’re coupling with your long distance partner miles apart?

#3 Do-It-Yourself Handmade Gifts

With a little creativity, you can actually create a meaningful DIY gifts for your significant other! Nothing is better than DIY handmade gifts in saying “I Love You”. Be it when you cut up the pictures to fit a cute photo frame that you craft yourself, or you stick love notes in every corner of the scrapbook – It will certainly make your significant other smiles, especially after realizing you think of them while putting the pieces together.

Simple gifts, such as a photo album of the moments you spent together wrapped in a pretty red ribbon as the gift box can mean a lot to long-distance couples. Photographs keep the moments forever and let us remember them even when our mind tries to fail us.

If you are someone who is not good with crafts, you can try “Love Coupons”, as they are simple to make. You just need to write fun and romantic promises on a nice piece of paper, like “Exchange this coupon for a home-cooked candlelight dinner” or even small acts like “A kiss in the cheek”. By collecting these coupons, your significant other will excitedly look forward to your next meetup!

#4 FOOD!

Laughter is only brightest where food is best. Have you ever come across this Irish proverb? We can say that everybody loves a spoon of good food.

Send your favorite snacks or food that you want them to taste. Even better, send him food that he has always wanted when he saw you eating it in your Skype date! If your significant other is staying overseas because of their study/work, send them something they craved from their hometown. It will be a small but meaningful (and delicious) surprise.

If you want to make it more personalized by baking something yourself, head down to the browser and find recipe of your significant other’s favorite dish. Pair it nicely with a creative packing idea – play with jars, bento and decorations here and there to make it appear tasty but pretty at the same time!

#5 Something Yours!

Wrap and mail your hoodies, shirts, mugs or any personal object that will remind them of you to your significant other.

This way, your partner is able to sleep in your shirt that smells just like you at night. Instead of just triggering emotional attachment only by visuals and shape of the gifts, your long-distance partner can experience closeness every time they come in contact with your personal stuff. Hopefully, it can overcome the “I Miss You So Much” feeling, especially on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday, or even your anniversaries.

Long distance may be hard, but love knows no distance. And if you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart – that’s what makes long distance relationship even more intimate and romantic in its own way.

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