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10 Gift Ideas That Can Spice Up Your Marriage with Your Wife

19 Mar , 2017  

Even the most loving marriages will go through rough patches, where both partners are looking for ways to add drama, mystery and romance back into the relationship.

You might find yourself missing the courtship days, when everything was new and exciting, or fantasizing about past flings and old partners. Don’t give up on what you’ve got – even the most boring relationship can be pulled out of a rut and thrust into a world of passion!

This guide is perfect for husbands looking for the right gift to ignite the flame of passion in your wife – both inside the bedroom and out in the world!

#1 A Romantic Dinner

Planning the menu, shopping for the ingredients, slaving away in the kitchen – a romantic, delicious dinner prepared by you is one of the best ways to create fireworks in your relationship. Every woman enjoys the feeling of being catered to and cared for. She’ll appreciate the hard work and effort that went into your special night together.

#2 A Good Massage

A massage helps to relax and loosen up the muscles and joints, making your partner feels calm after a long week at work. It won’t hurt to take classes together with your wife to improve your skills too. You’ll find that the act of massaging your wife is a very sensual and romantic experience to share together. Alternatively, you can also give your wife a gift card to an upscale massage parlor, but it would be much better if you are the one who massage your wife in the comfort of your home with scented candles and soothing oils.

#3 Lingerie

It might sound cliché, but there’s no better way to spice up your love life than by giving your wife a gorgeous set of lingerie. Keep her style and personality in mind – some women will love a latex getup, while others will feel more comfortable and sexy in a satin short and tank set. If you’re lucky, she just might model it for you.

#4 Share A Playlist of Memories

Remind her of the time you’ve spent together by creating a mixtape of the songs that define your relationship. It might not sound like something that’ll help boost your relationship, but don’t underestimate the power of music. A slow dance to the song that played as you had your first kiss will reignite your passion for each other, and your wife will be happy to see you remember all of the important moments.

#5 Kinky Toys

Try not to blush on this one! Make a trip to your local adult shop and check out the goods – sex toys have entered the mainstream and are no longer something to be ashamed of. An open mind and a positive spirit can make all the difference when presenting your wife with a fun new item to use in the bedroom. These can be silly, like a set of cheesy pink fur handcuffs, or downright naughty, like a vibrating wand with all the attachments.

#6 A Night of Dancing

Take your wife out for a night on the town and watch the flame of your love grow even stronger. Getting dressed up and breaking it down on the dancefloor is a great way to connect with your partner in a fun and physical way. Let any insecurities or shyness fall away – she’ll love seeing you confident and happy as you move to the music.

#7 Naughty Truth or Dare Game

A twist on this childhood favorite takes the familiar game of truth or dare to a whole new level. You can purchase dirty truth or dare cards at any adult retailer, or you can get creative and come up with your own! Ask each other raunchy questions to get the mood right and learn more about your deepest desires, and follow the instructions on the action cards to add a little daring fun to the night.

#8 Give a New Experience

Grab concert tickets for a band that you’ve never seen before, or book a flight to a place you’ve yet to explore – make it a point to give your wife the gift of a new experience that you can do together. This kind of gift is great for awakening the spirit you both had at the start of the relationship, when everything was brand new and unknown. Do something a little out of your comfort zone and watch as the spark returns to your marriage!

#9 Book of Erotic Stories

This isn’t your usual bedtime story! Pick out a book of erotica and give it as a gift to your wife. But be sure to tell her that this isn’t something she’ll read on her own – take turns reading passages aloud to each other. You’ll either fall over yourselves laughing at the scenes, or you’ll be inspired to try out a few new things together. Either way, it’s sure to add a bit of spice!

#10 Gift Certificate for a New Look

What better way to spice up your marriage than by treating your wife to a day at the salon? She’ll come home looking and feeling like a new woman! Be sure to compliment her beauty and rave about her new look – she’ll love the feeling of being admired in a new way.

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