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10 Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

7 May , 2017  

Yoga has recently surged in popularity as a gentle yet effective way to move, stretch and strengthen the body. Picking out the perfect gift for a yoga lover is easier than you’d think!

Though yoga can be practiced with nothing more than bare feet and comfortable clothing, many yogis enjoy the luxury of different accessories during their workout. This guide will help you choose the best gift that a yogi can use both on and off the mat!

#1 Headband

Yoga ladies (and long-haired yoga men) will know the struggle of having hair constantly in their face, falling out of a ponytail and sticking to sweaty cheeks and necks. A wide stretchy headband is the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. Many popular yoga apparel brands made headbands available in different prints and colors, so you’re sure to find a few that meet your love one’s personal style and taste.

#2 Yoga Bag

Pick out a bag that can help a Yogi to store a mat, water bottle, straps, and a change of clothes, and you’ll be met with the eternal gratitude from your yoga-loving friend. A good bag will keep a yogi’s mat from unraveling, and will leave their hands free for the trip to and from meetup. Make sure the bag is lightweight and easily washable for maximum convenience.

#3 Vegan Treat

Many yoga lovers are also concerned about the environment and the wellbeing of animals, making a vegan treat basket the perfect tasty gift! You can find vegan versions of just about any snack – try hitting up your local farmers market or organic supermarket for ideas. Even if your specific yogi doesn’t follow a vegan diet, vegan chocolates and sweets will tap into their natural peaceful spirit.  As a bonus, this is a great gift idea for givers on a budget, as you can easily bake these treats yourself!

#4 Yoga Legging

A bright and comfortable pair of leggings is perfect for the yogi who loves to stand out in class. Anyone who exercises regularly knows how quickly workouts dirty your clothes. The best yoga leggings will be made of nylon, spandex, or another moisture-wicking material. Steer clear of cotton. Boost up their wardrobe and you’re sure to be met with a big smile!

#5 Mat

A good quality mat is priceless for the dedicated yogi. Pick out one that is suited for their body type and has enough padding to make their practice as comfortable as possible. A solid color is always a classic choice, but don’t be afraid to select a bold print – there’s no better way to show personality! Be aware, the best and highest quality mats come with a lifetime guarantee.

#6 Art Print

Help your loved one make their space as peaceful as possible by giving them a pretty art print for their home. An inspirational saying, Om symbol, or meditative phrase is the perfect print for the yoga-lover to hang. The visual reminder can also be a good motivator to push your friend further in their practice.

#7 Yoga Retreat

The best option for the giver with unlimited budget. A yoga retreat is an amazing gift to give the yogi in your life. Retreats are usually in exotic locations and are the perfect escape from daily life. By funding a retreat, you will set your loved one up for a trip of relaxation, meditation and physical activity. A thoughtful gift, such as an all-inclusive yoga retreat that includes delicious meals and luxe accommodations, will definitely gain you some extra points from the gift recipient.

#8 Workout DVD

Seems counter-intuitive, but your yoga lover will appreciate your gift when they’re unable to make it into the studio for class. A DVD is a great substitute for class when a yogi is trapped inside by the weather, illness, or a canceled class. Help them stick to their practice by giving them a class they’re unable to miss!

#9 Essential Oils

Many yoga studios are now using essential oils to bring relaxation and serenity to the practice room. A set of essential oils can help a Yogi to practice aromatherapy in their own apartment. Complete the gift by adding a special aromatherapy humidifier. Essential oils can also be used to treat medical conditions like acne, insomnia, and anxiety, so be sure to pick out one that the yogi can really use.

#10 Class Pass

Surprise a close friend with a five or ten class pass to a local yoga studio! Many studios offer these passes as a way to get new students in the door, meaning that you just might grab a great deal when you buy the classes in bulk. Listen close to what the yoga lover in your life mentions when it comes to trying a new style of yoga – maybe they’re interested in hot yoga and these class passes is just a great opportunity for them to try it out!

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