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9 Graduation Gift Ideas for College Graduates

21 May , 2017  

Graduating from college is a huge milestone, especially when you are the first in the family to graduate for college!

Friends and family of the graduate typically give gifts as an acknowledgement of the hard work that went into getting the degree. However, it can be tricky to pick out the perfect graduation gift for that special graduate in your life.

Our editorial team has picked up 10 gift ideas to help you choose the perfect gift for the college graduate!

#1 Luggage

Give the gift of travel by setting your loved one up for years of adventures to come! Good quality suitcases, duffels, cosmetic/toiletry bags, luggage tags, and passport holders will inspire the graduate to explore the world with their degree.

For graduates who will be logging airline miles as they interview for their dream jobs, a set of travel pieces will ease their mind and give them a simple reminder of home each time they unpack. Be sure to get all luggage and accessories in coordinating colors to make a complete and cohesive set. Everyone likes to match!

#2 Meaningful Jewelry

Graduation is the perfect time to give your loved one the perfect piece of sentimental jewelry. A major life event like graduating from college should be acknowledged and made special, and giving the graduate a good quality piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime will surely mark the occasion. Every time they wear your gift, they will be reminded of this important time in their life and how much your support meant to them.

For ladies, a pair of diamond studs or a classic pendant necklace is the perfect addition to their collection. Men will enjoy a nice watch or a pair of sturdy cufflinks. Remember that this piece will likely be worn by your graduate in the workforce, so pick out something they can wear over and over again.

#3 T-Shirt Quilt

This gift is perfect for the social butterfly graduate! Being part of many organizations in college has probably left your graduate with a closet full of t-shirts for all the events they went to. Student athletes and fraternity and sorority members will absolutely love a gift certificate for a custom t-shirt quilt. The quilt is the perfect way to keep those memories together while also being functional and decorative.

#4 Work Bag

As your graduate moves out of student life and into the professional working world, they will surely be in need of a sturdy yet stylish work bag to take on the job. A messenger bag or sleek tote can take your graduate from the morning commute, to the afternoon meeting, to late-night happy hour. Pick something in a classic shape and color so they can use it for years to come!

#5 Liquor

This isn’t a throwback to boozy college weekends – set your graduate up with a quality bottle of liquor for their brand new, grown-up bar. Stay away from cases of beer and select a nice whiskey, wine, or scotch. A bottle of wine, a set of wine glasses and a decorative wine cork is a fun gift basket for the graduate!

#6 Money or Gift Cards

Some might turn up their nose at the idea of this “less personal” gift, but trust us when we say that a recent college graduate will appreciate a few crisp bills or gift cards and won’t find it impersonal at all! They can use the funds to pay off a credit card, take a new trip, or stock their professional wardrobe. The possibilities are endless with this one!

#7 Camera

Pictures are the best way to capture a memory. Help your favorite college graduate remember these early years of their career by setting them up with a good DSLR or a fun instant print camera. A camera and an empty photo album makes a cute gift set that will be used again and again – maybe even at the graduation party itself!

#8 Daily Planner

Both men and women will get plenty of use out of a sturdy daily planner. Give your graduate the gift of organization and time management by presenting them with a planner and a nice pen set. Some ladies especially use their planners as a working scrapbook, complete with stickers and colored tape. For the artsy lady in your life, one of these creative planner sets will be much appreciated.

#9 Gift Certificate for a New Hobby

College graduates are often afraid that their new lives will be all work and no play. Ease this fear by giving your grad a gift certificate to something you think they’ll really enjoy. Rock climbing sessions at an indoor gym, cooking classes, dance classes, a golf membership… it’s up to you!

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