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11 Tips to Find Out What She Likes Before Buying Her a Gift

9 Jul , 2017  

Nobody wants to give their girlfriend a present that she won’t like. If you’re completely stumped on what to give her and don’t know what she likes, DON’T WORRY! This list will help you figure out her interests to make picking out and buying a special gift for her as easy as possible.

#1 Learn About Her Hobbies

What does your girlfriend spend doing during her free time? Where does she like to go when she has a day off from work? Where does she spend her excess money? By answering these questions, you can figure out what her hobbies are and can use that information to decide what to give her as a gift!

#2 Look Inside Her Closet

So you’d like to get your girlfriend a new coat, but you’re not sure what size she wears. Schedule to have a movie night at her home. Ask her to bring out her favorite coat and why to learn more what she likes. When she’s out of the room or otherwise is distracted, take a sneak peek at the tags. Do make sure she brings out the one that she still wears occasionally to make sure it is not the wrong size!

#3 Go Shopping with Her

Plan a date at the mall. Observe what she picks out and but not ready to splurge yet. Next time, you’ll be able to buy something by yourself.

#4 Take Notes

If you hear your girlfriend mention things she likes or wants throughout the year, take note of it. Writing down these things throughout the year makes it easy to learn what she wants when gift-giving season comes. She’ll be impressed that you remember what she wants. It gives your relationship an extra point as it demonstrates to her that you really do listen when she talks!

#5 Find What She Needs

Is your girlfriend running low on socks and underwear? Do her headphones need to be replaced? Did her favorite bottle of perfume just run out? Replace any broken or used-up items with new versions. You can tell what she likes by what items are used the most and have run out or broken down, and she’ll love having her favorites replace#6 Snoop

#6 Snoop

We don’t mean to snoop through her desk drawers or look through her phone, but a little snoop can help you to figure out what she likes. Scroll through her music playlist to get concert ticket ideas, peek in her cabinets to find out what snacks to buy, or scan her makeup drawer to see what brands she likes to use.

#7 Stalk Her on Social Network

Almost every girl has an account on Facebook or Instagram. By looking through her posts, you’ll be able to see exactly what type of things she’s interested in. Use the information you find to pick out something special! Some girls even create a new album dedicated to items they’ve seen and want to buy.  For example, if you see that your girlfriend likes post dedicated to baking, you should take the initiative and head to the cooking specialty store and buy her baking essential kit.

#8 Check Her Wish List

Ask her why she remembers what she likes? If she has a gift registry, ask her for permission to take a look. If she doesn’t have one yet, help her to make one and ask her to add three things that she would like to have in the near future immediately. To make this approach effective, make sure you do this unsuspectingly, preferably at least two months before the big day. With your new arsenal, you can purchase things from her wish list and be assured that your gift won’t go to waste.

#9 Ask Her Friends and Family

So maybe you’ve searched for high and low, and you came up blank! Maybe your girlfriend isn’t into any hobbies that require equipment, and maybe she just doesn’t mention anything she’d like to have offline or online. Your next step is to reach out to her close friends and family to find out if they have any ideas of what you could give her!

#10 Ask Her

The simplest way to find out what your girlfriend likes or what she’d like to receive as a gift is to ask her. It might seem like you’re taking the fun out of surprising her, but if you’re truly stumped on what to buy then you might as well get help from the one person who knows best – your girlfriend! It’s better to ask her what she wants and give her that item than it is to panic and buy something random, have her not like it, and then be faced with her disappointment.

#11 When in Doubt, Give Her a Gift Card

Yes, gift card is impersonal. However, giving her something is better than showing up empty handed. If you still can’t find anything specific items to give, try to narrow it down to stores that you know she likes or restaurants she enjoys.


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