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What Gifts Not to Give to Your New Girlfriend

23 Jul , 2017  

Maybe you’ve gone out on a couple of dates with a new girlfriend and her birthday is next week.

You don’t know her too well yet but you want to be part of her celebrations, so you head out to buy her a present and hit a wall – what should you get her?

This list will help you stay away from awkward, confusing and insulting gifts that no girl wants to receive, especially not from her brand-new boyfriend! Keep it sweet and simple and you’ll impress your new boo with how thoughtful you can be on her special day.

#1 Weight-Loss Products

This one is a no-brainer. You absolutely shouldn’t give your new girlfriend any gifts that correspond with weight-loss and dieting, unless she’s specifically told you that’s what she wants to receive. This includes workout DVDs, diet pills, slimming teas or wraps, and gym memberships. A long-term girlfriend with an interest in fitness might appreciate a wearable activity tracker or new pair of sneakers as a gift, but don’t risk it with a partner that you’re still getting to know. You don’t want to insult her!

#2 Sex Toys

Buying naughty toys and outfits is a way to add excitement to your relationship, but you shouldn’t get these items for a girl you just met. She might think you’re being too forward or perverted if she’s a more conservative woman, or she might think you’re insinuating displeasure with your sex life. It’s too risky a gift for a new girlfriend, so get to know each other a bit more before breaking out the handcuffs and whips!

#3 Hygiene Products

Those gift packs of shaving cream and razors might look tempting around the holidays, but refrain from buying your new girlfriend any hygiene items as a present.  This includes things like deodorant, toothpaste, and soap. Unless she is truly unable to afford these items for herself, it’s better to let someone pick out their own toiletries. You don’t want to make her think she smells or has bad hygiene!

#4 Cleaning Supplies

Another very awkward gift for a new girlfriend! Giving her cleaning supplies (and this includes more expensive items like a vacuum cleaner) either tells her that her place is dirty or hints that you expect her to clean up after you. This is far from a romantic gift and is very likely to turn her off dating you completely.

#5 Cookbook

Cookbook is a tricky gift. You don’t want to send her the wrong message – that she can’t cook very well or that she needs to cook for you more often. If you want to give her a cookbook, the best way is to incorporate it into a gift with other cooking necessities. A book of cookie recipes, a set of cute measuring cups, a pretty apron and a big bag of chocolate chips is a sweet gift for the girl who loves to bake.  Handing your new girlfriend, who has no interest in cooking, a book of slow-cooker stews is a quick way to end your relationship for good.

#6 Pets

That puppy or kitten in the pet shop window might be adorable and sweet, but you shouldn’t pick one up as a gift for a girl you’ve just met. You’re still getting to know her, so you have no idea how her temperament is, what her long-term plans are, and how responsible she can be when taking care of a living creature. The last thing you want is for the animal you so lovingly selected to end up in the shelter or on the street when your partner gets tired of it (and of you!).

#7 Clothing

Giving clothes as gift can be tricky. You run the risk of buying her something that’s the complete wrong size. Too big and she’ll think you see her as fat, too small and she’ll be embarrassed when she can’t fit into it. Save that beautiful coat or pretty dress for a later date when you know her body and clothing sizes better.

# 8 Self-Help Books

Unless someone specifically asks for a self-help book by name, never purchase one of these as a gift. It comes across as wildly rude and insensitive! It’s like you’re telling a friend they are nutty or broken. Besides, it negates the idea of “self-help” because if they really want to motivate themselves, they would have bought the book already. If you think she loves reading, why not scour neutral topics, such as biography, fashion or fiction section?

#9 Regifted Gifts

We’ve all done it. When you’re struggling to find a gift at the last minute, pulling out an unused item in your closet and wrapping it up can be really tempting. Keep the regifting to white elephant parties and events with people you don’t know – never give a random present to your new girlfriend! There’s a good chance that she will know it’s a regift and think you’re a chump. Definitely not a good way to begin your relationship.

#10 Money

Last but not least, giving your girlfriend money as a present is an awkward way to start out a relationship. Even though the sentiment of having her pick out something she really loves is nice, but cash is impersonal. Girls would rather have something to remember you for – something nice, something meaningful. If you want to give her a chance to pick something she desires, go shopping with her. Moreover, she’ll cherish the quality time spent together in getting something both of you feel good about.

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