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11 Gift Ideas for a Book Lover

20 Aug , 2017  

People who love to read are the easiest type of people to shop for, because you can always give them the gift of a good book! If you’re looking for something fun to add to your gift, check out this list of gift ideas for the bibliophile in your life. They’ll be sure to love it!

#1 E-Reader

If the book lover in your life is always carrying around a heavy hardback book, consider getting them a slim e-reader! E-reader is a popular choice for those who like to bring books on vacations, on long commutes, or on work trips because the device allows the user to hold hundreds of books in one place. Your reader will never be without a good book!

Many different types of E-readers are currently available in the market, but go with the most lightweight version so it won’t be a hassle to carry around. And to make finding and buying books easy and convenient for your book lover, be sure to choose the brand that have direct links to major booksellers.

#2 Scented Candle or Perfume

Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of old books! Any dedicated bibliophile knows the scent of an old book is instantly recognizable and immediately brings a sense of comfort and familiarity. Impress the book lover in your life by giving them a candle that mimics the scent of old books, or a perfume or cologne that does the same.

#3 Handmade Bookmark

The perfect gift for those on a budget, making a unique and personal bookmark for an avid reader is an easy and inexpensive way to show how much you care. You can decorate your bookmark with personal photographs, an inspiring quote, doodles, glitter, stickers… the possibilities are endless! Don’t let your favorite book lover continue to bend pages to mark their spot – a special bookmark made with love is the perfect way to get the job done.

#4 Book-Themed Clothing

A fun t-shirt or printed scarf is the perfect way to let your book-loving bestie know you’re thinking about them and support their hobbies. Search for a t-shirt that features a saying from a favorite book, or a scarf printed with illustrations from their favorite children’s novel. As a bonus, this type of gift is a great conversation starter between the wearer and all who recognize the theme of the item.

#5 Literary Art Prints

An art print is the perfect gift for the reader in your life, especially one who has bare walls in need of something special. Pick a print that relates to a cherished book or series, or go with a classic quote or image. The best thing about this type of gift is that you can support a local or lesser-known artist while giving your loved one a beautiful and unique piece of art!

#6 Hardbound Classics

Do you have a friend that is dedicated to building up their own personal library? Give them a beautiful, leather-bound novel and watch their eyes light up in delight. Major booksellers usually have an entire collection of collectable editions of popular novels. These types of books are both decorative and durable, and usually come with pretty illustrations and a silken bookmark. They look perfect on the shelf while still being a great piece of literature!

#7 Book Light

It may seem outdated, but the classic book light is the perfect gift for those who share a bedroom and love to indulge in a little late-night reading. A clip-on light will illuminate the page without waking everyone else in the room, making it a necessity for college students in a dorm or anyone with a slumbering spouse. Your friend (and their roommates) will be sure to love it!

#8 Personal Library Kit

Is your friend always lending out their books and then complaining when they don’t get them back on time? Ease their woes by giving them their own personal library kit! These kits usually come with checkout cards, stamps, and ink pads just like you would see at your local library.

#9 Tote Bag

If the reader in your life is a woman, consider giving her a well-made tote bag to use at work or school. Many handbags are far too small or delicate to take the weight and size of a good novel. By giving her a tote bag, you’re making it easy for your loved one to carry her books with her wherever she goes! For an extra dose of detail, be sure the bag you choose has wide straps for even weight distribution.

#10 Tea & Sweet Basket

Nothing goes better with a good book than a great cup of tea and something sweet to eat! Put together a gift basket of teas, a teacup and biscuits for a stellar gift your loved one is sure to appreciate. The great thing about this gift is that you can make it as elaborate or as simple as you and your budget can afford.

#11 Literary Jewelry

Looking for something unique to give? Well, even though it is not very common yet, but wearing a book-themed jewelry is an upcoming trend for book lovers. If you know their favorite book or series, online shopping becomes even easier! Just search the title and you’re sure to find homemade pendants, cufflinks, bracelets, and more all related to the novel. Alternatively, you can also select a piece that has to do with the art of reading in general.

Good luck in finding the perfect gift for your bibliophile!


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