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How to Say “I am Sorry” in Popular World Languages?

3 Sep , 2017  

Nobody is perfect. We all inevitably make mistakes. From time-to-time, our words or actions may make someone feel hurt, angry or disappointed.

As human beings, we like to hold onto our feeling of self-righteousness – I am right, and you are wrong. Saying “Sorry” is hard, even Elton John – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. Even though it feels like you are going against human nature, it is important to apologize for your mistake and open the way to forgiveness.

The wonderful thing about people who care about you, such as your spouse, friend or family member, you are usually forgiven when a sincere and heartfelt apology is given. It may not undo what has been done, but it gives hope for rebuilding and puts value on the relationship rather than the individual’s pride.

If you have many unresolved broken relationships, start rebuilding them by saying “I am sorry” to the people we have offended. Often times, a mended relationship is stronger than a brand new one. To make it more interesting, here’re 38 ways to say “I am Sorry”.

EnglishI am Sorryi-am-so-ree
AfricanEk is jammerek-see-ammer
Arabicأنا آسف (male)
ana-aseef (male)
ana-asee-fa (female)
Chinese (Mandarin)我很抱歉wo-han-bao-chee-en
CroatianŽao mi jechow-mee-yea
Czechmi lítomay-lee-to
DanishJeg beklagerya-back-clay-a
DutchHet spijt meat-speat-meh
FilipinoPatawarin mo ako
FinnishOlen pahoillanio-lan-pa-hoi-lan-nee
FrenchJe suis désolézea-sue-ish-de-so-lea
GermanEs tut mir leidas-toot-mar-laid
HawaiianE kala mai iaʻuey-ka-la-my-ya-oo
Hebrewאני מצטער מאוד
Hindiमुझे क्षमा करेंmoo-chick-sya-ma-ka-reen
IndonesianMaafkan Sayama-of-kaan-si-a
Italianmi dispiacemee-dis-pee-a-ce
Korean미안 해요mee-aan-he-yo
LatinPaenitet mepee-an-neat-teet-me
MalayMaafkan Sayama-of-kaan-si-a
Mongolianнамайг уучлаарайna-may-eek-oo-cha-ra-ee
Norwegianjeg beklagerye-bekk-la-ger
PortugueseSinto muitoseen-to-moo-e-to
RomanianImi pare rauee-me-pa-re-rao
Russianя прошу прощенияya-pro-shu-pros-shee-nee-ya
Slovenianžal mi jesal-mi-ye
SpanishLo sientolo-see-en-to
SwedishJag är ledsenya-are-led-sen
Tamilஎன்னை மன்னிக்கவும்ye-nay-man-neek-ka-voom
Vietnamesetôi xin lỗitoy-seen-loi


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