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10 Gift Ideas for a Career Woman

1 Oct , 2017  

A busy career woman needs plenty of accessories to make her life as easy as possible! These gifts are sure to please the modern businesswoman in your life, as they help her succeed both at work and at home.

#1 A Personal Planner

A personal paper planner is an absolute must for the busy professional in your life. Give her a space to map out daily responsibilities, appointments, and deadlines and watch her career flourish! Planners come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits her needs. Using the calendar or notes section on a cell phone is great in a pinch, but nothing beats a traditional paper planner when it comes to getting and staying organized.

#2 Desk Accessories

Gift the career woman in your life with a pretty and functional set of desk accessories. While having a matching tape dispenser, stapler, pencil cup, and notepads is not a necessity, but it will definitely add style and fun to a career woman’s day. There’s nothing wrong with adding beauty to the most everyday objects!

#3 A Tablet

Any busy professional knows that a tablet is a must for staying productive on the go. A tablet can be used for working on documents and viewing important files and emails while out of the office, while also giving your career woman a fun techy gift she can use to surf the web and watch movies on her own.  She’ll love one with a camera, and don’t forget to pick up an attachable keyboard and stylus for maximum productivity!

#4 A Business Card Holder

Love your friend’s stylish new business cards? Don’t let her tote them around wrapped in rubber bands or floating free at the bottom of her purse. Give her a classic business card holder to help her keep her cards all in one place and clean for presentation. She’ll love the functionality of it and will be sure to use it for years to come!

#5 A Nice Watch

Help your loved one stay on time by picking out the perfect watch for her to wear every day. A stylish, classic, well-made watch is the perfect fashion accessory while also being a tool for productivity and time management. Be sure to select one in a material she’ll wear often, whether that be leather, silver, or gold.  Stay away from bulky plastic or cheap imitation silver – you want something that will last over time.

#6 A Durable Phone Case

A cracked phone screen can ruin anyone’s day. For the career woman, a broken screen is cause for panic when she can’t access her emails or call clients! Minimize the chance of a smashed screen by giving her a tough phone case that is guaranteed to protect her device from a fall. As an extra feature, a phone case that will stand up to a quick rainstorm is great for the career woman who walks or bikes as part of her daily commute.

#7 A Lunchbox and Travel Mug Set

A professional-looking lunchbox and travel mug is the perfect gift set for the business woman who likes to bring her own lunch from home. A nice lunchbox sure beats a plastic bag or paper sack when she’s rushing through her morning commute, while a good travel mug will keep her morning coffee hot while minimizing the chance for spills. Pick out something with enough room to store salad and soup sized containers. The ideal lunchbox will have a plastic interior lining that can be easily wiped clean.

#8 Good Books Support Her Personal and Professional Growth

If you know she is an avid reader, she will enjoy receiving good book or business magazine subscription. You can either go with the classics, such as Think and Grow Rich or check out what’s new in the New York Times Bestsellers. If you don’t want to get her something that she already has, you can always opt to buy her gift gifts to major booksellers, online or offline.

#9 A Durable Paper Shredder

Even in our digital world, paperwork can pile up and overwhelm a career woman’s office and home. Help her to get rid of the clutter by giving her a durable paper shredder.

While it’s not the most exciting gift, a paper shredder is a necessity for disposing of classified or sensitive documents. With identity theft becoming an ongoing issue, it is vital to keep confidential information secure and private. She’ll appreciate the thought you put into making her life easier. A good paper shredder should be able to handle multiple pages at once without jamming, so be sure to pick out one with this feature.

#10 A Membership Gift to Professional Organization

Since no career can blossom with the right network and essential career resources, a membership gift to professional organization can encourage them to become more involved with people with similar interest. As a member, not only they are given the tools, professional training, seminars that they can use to keep themselves abreast with the latest development, but they can also use it to build relationships during networking events to further develop their professional career. It is a very meaningful gift to give to someone whom you want them to flourish professionally.

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