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How to Say “I Miss You” in 38 Most Popular Languages

8 Oct , 2017  

Nobody survives alone in this world nor two people live together in eternity. To miss someone means that you love them and you feel incomplete without them. It can happen because of an ex-love, a close friend who has moved to another city, or a loved one who has passed on. People come and go, but the time spent together gives birth to a special gift.

When you miss someone, you may feel completely out of control because there’s isn’t much you can do to change the situation. Well, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, this deep longing feeling should not be ignored but embraced wholeheartedly. If you are missing someone today, don’t do nothing about it. The most important thing is to allow your feelings to come up and be with you.

Start by immersing yourself with your emotions, close your eyes, think of that special someone, and then mentally place a light around them. Dig deep, allow something beautiful to come through. Subsequently, let them know how you feel. Maybe you want to send him/her a “I miss you” text message or greeting card with a note expressing your gratitude for the good times spent together, or what they have shown or given you.

To start the ball rolling, here’re 38 ways to express your feeling.

EnglishI miss youi-mees-you
AfricanEk mis jouek-meas-you
Arabicأنا مشتاقة إليك (male)
أنا مشتاق إليك (female)
ana-tawah-hach-tu-ka (male)
ana-tawah-hach-tu-ki (female)
Chinese (Mandarin)我想你wo-xee-aanng-nee
CroatianNedostaješ minae-dos-ta-yes-mee
CzechChybíš mishee-bees-mee
DanishJeg savner digyag-saf-ner-daag
DutchIk mis jeeek-mees-ye
FilipinoMiss na kitamees-na-kee-ta
FinnishKaipaan sinuakaai-paan-see-nu-a
FrenchTu me manquestu-me-monks
GermanIch vermisse dicheekh-vermee-se-deeks
GreekΜου λείπειςmoo-yee-pees
HawaiianHaʻo wau ia ʻoeha-oh-wa-ow-ee-ah-o-a
Hebrewאני מתגעגעת אליך (male)
אני מתגעגע אליך (female)
a-nee-meet-ga-a-ga-aat-elay-eekh-a (male)
a-nee-meet-ga-a-gea-ah-elay-eekh (female)
Hindiमुझे आपकी याद आती हैmooj-hae-aap-kee-yaa-ad-aa-tee-hey
Icelandicég sakna þínyak-saak-na-fien
IndonesianAku merindukanmuaa-koo-me-reen-doo-kan-moo
ItalianMi manchimee-maan-kee
Korean보고 싶어요bo-go-ship-po-yo
LatinTe desiderote-dae-see-de-ro
MalaySaya rindukan awaksa-ya-reen-doo-kan-a-wak
MongolianБи чамайг санаж байнаbee-cha-maay-sonnaj-baay-na
NorwegianJeg savner degyag-saf-ner-daag
PolishTęsknię za Tobątae-ask-nie-za-toe-bowl
PortugueseEu sinto falta de voceee-oo-seen-to-fal-ta-zee-vow-say
RomanianMi e dor de tinemee-ae-dor-day-tee-nea
Russianя скучаю по тебеyae-skyu-chia-po-tea-bee-a
SlovenianPogrešam tepo-gress-saam-te
SpanishTe echo de menoste-echo-de-mea-nos
SwedishJag saknar digyag-saf-ner-daag
Tamilநான் உன் பிரிவைnaan-oon-pee-ree-fa-ee
Ukranianя сумую за тобоюya-soo-moo-yoo-za-to-bo-yoo
VietnameseAnh nhớ emahn-nee-o-em


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