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8 Gift Ideas for Coworkers and Business Partners

15 Oct , 2017  

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect gift for someone at work or in your professional circle?

It’s always tricky getting a gift for coworkers. There’s a balancing act between funny, cute, stylish and HR-appropriate.

Even though buying a gift for your coworkers may look simple, choosing the right present can be a daunting experience; after all, there are so many ways to get it wrong. Moreover, what you buy is a reflection of who you are and what you think of others.

One rule of workplace gift giving etiquette is that before selecting a gift you should ask yourself, “What is the reason for giving the gift, and what message does it convey?” The right present will show that you care enough to give an appropriate and thoughtful gift out of appreciation and respect.

While it can be challenging, giving gifts at the right moments is a great way to show your fondness and create an even more amicable working relationship. In fact, it is a tangible way to show your peers and employees that you are invested in them, and you want to help them become happier or more successful.

We are all about making your stressful work life a little bit more rewarding, so we decide to make a list of 8 great gift ideas to help you give the perfect present to a coworker, employee, peer or professional friend.

#1: Charity Gifts

The most difficult people to shop for are the ones who already seem to have every cool gadget and material good imaginable. If you’re stuck on ideas, consider getting your coworker or boss something that will directly contribute to a charity that you know your boss or coworker cares about. Once a donation is received, they will get a personalized card telling them what a difference their gift is making.

#2: Children Gifts

Bedtime Reading with Your Child
If your co-worker has any child under the age of seven years old, giving a gift that encourages parent-child bonding is very rewarding. Presents, such as bedtime storybooks encourage reading for and with children, which gives the parents an opportunity to give their children quality, undivided attention. As a whole, bedtime storytelling establishes a strong and nurturing foundation for the child to find security and confidence in their parents’ love.

#3: Effort Gifts

Effort Gifts
If you have a budget constraint, don’t feel obligated to go out and buy something that is beyond your means. Use this opportunity to showcase your talent. If your co-worker loves to eat and you have good baking skills, a jug of home-baked cookies would probably make their day. If you are good at handicraft, a personalized scrapbook would very much appreciated. What you can give just depends on your creativity and the time and effort you need to make it happen.

#4: Experience Gifts

Experience Gifts
Some people don’t need more stuff, but almost everyone appreciates a fun experience. Depending on your co-worker’s interests, they might enjoy tickets to a concert, sporting event, wine tasting event, or dinner at a nice restaurant. This would be an amazing gift if you know that it has been awhile they have not given themselves a nice treat.

#5: Healthy Gifts

Healthy Gifts

Being healthy is great, but can be a real challenge. It’s always thoughtful to send someone a healthy gift if you know that’s their thing or they’re turning over a new leaf. For anyone who’s making a health-positive New Year’s resolution, the right health gift can help them hit the ground running.

#6: Hobby Gifts

Hobby Gifts

Tailor your gift choices to your co-worker’s hobbies. Artists always need more supplies, home chefs would love a new kitchen gadget, and a wine connoisseur would appreciate a nice bottle of wine. Your co-worker will certainly be very pleased if they can receive a gift to expand their hobby.

#7: Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts
Everyone loves getting something special, especially when it is personalized with their name or photo. Personalized presents are considered to be the best gifts as they show one’s thoughtfulness, display one’s affections and tell someone that he or she is appreciated. Depending on your budget, it can be as simple as a personalized mug, or as interesting as a caricature of your co-worker in action at the workplace.

#8: Travel Gifts

Travel Gifts

If your co-worker loves to travel, you could help them on their journey with travel-related gifts, such as a passport holder, personalized luggage tags, or even a new carry-on luggage. If you know that they go vacation annually, a book on favorite travel destinations might also be a good choice.

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