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What Gifts You Shouldn’t Give to Your Boyfriend?

6 Aug , 2017  

Starting a new relationship is fun and exciting! But when a gift-giving occasion pops up, you can suddenly find yourself in a panic. Not to worry! Here are few tips and tricks for buying a present your boyfriend, and some items you should certainly avoid. First off, know where you stand in the relationship. Make […]

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Gift Guides

What Gifts Not to Give to Your New Girlfriend

23 Jul , 2017  

Maybe you’ve gone out on a couple of dates with a new girlfriend and her birthday is next week. You don’t know her too well yet but you want to be part of her celebrations, so you head out to buy her a present and hit a wall – what should you get her? This […]

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9 Reasons Why Gifting Help to Keep Your Marriage Strong

26 Mar , 2017  

Anyone familiar with the 5 Love Languages will know that receiving and giving gifts is a definite way for partners to express emotional love. Don’t think that a gift has to be expensive in order to be meaningful, nor limit yourself to material objects – gifts can absolutely be tickets to a show, a voucher […]

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10 Gift Ideas That Can Spice Up Your Marriage with Your Wife

19 Mar , 2017  

Even the most loving marriages will go through rough patches, where both partners are looking for ways to add drama, mystery and romance back into the relationship. You might find yourself missing the courtship days, when everything was new and exciting, or fantasizing about past flings and old partners. Don’t give up on what you’ve […]

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5 Gift Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

5 Feb , 2017  

Do you miss someone so much that you just want to wrap yourself inside your blanket and pretend that your significant other is just right next to you? You cannot hold their hands, sleep in their arms, feel their breath, or even spend a minute physically with them, because you are in a long distance […]

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